Taking Kansas Back

We are a bipartisan grassroots coalition standing together to fight the extreme, failed policies of the Brownback administration.   Kansas is heading in the wrong direction. 

Governor Brownback campaigned in 2010 on five goals calling them a Roadmap for Kansas.    Four years later his Roadmap is a failure and must be rerouted!  

We believe the future of Kansas is in jeopardy because of  his policies towards our schools, health care in our rural hospitals and communities and the general economic and fiscal health of the state.  Our goal is to build an informed electorate so that when the Governor's race heats up and misinformation is circulated, you will know the true facts.  

Ready to fix things? Here's how you can help:

  • Let us know how Brownback's experiment has affected you
  • Tell your story
  • Share a news article.
  • Get in touch!